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  • Entrepreneurial Advice

    So, you are starting a business? This is a difficult decision, and congratulations on taking the leap. You have an idea you’ve been researching for years. Picture this: time to launch, you sit down at your desk at home, in a coffee shop,...

  • Hire a Gen Y

    Hire a “Gen Y.” - The Benefits to Youth, Community & Your Business The Millennial Generation (aka Generation Y’s) are people born sometime between the mid-80s to the late 90s. Ambitious, confident and achievement-oriented, they are the...

  • Silicon Halton Proud to Sponsor Angel One’s 2014 Founders and Funders Celebration

    We’re honoured and proud to be a sponsor and supporter of Angel One’s Founders and Funders Celebration taking place June 18th at the Ron Joyce Centre located at McMaster University’s Degroote School of Business in Burlington, Ontario. ...

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