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  • What Constitutes Scientific Research and Experimental Development?

    Tax Court of Canada's perspective on SR&ED eligibility criteria The Tax Court of Canada recently ruled in favour of Les Abeilles with respect to a SR&ED claim denied by CRA. We thought the decision was worth highlighting, and expect that...

  • Building Upon Milton’s Hidden Economy

    The Milton Education Village (MEV) Innovation Centre is just completing its first fiscal year. With a soft opening in April, we became fully functional in September with the completion of Phase 2 of our construction. Over the fall we...

  • Meeting Spaces For Silicon Halton Members In Oakville

    As tech companies, and especially startups, we seem to be constantly searching for places to ‘hang our hats’.  We’re all more than comfortable working ‘virtually’, but we also know that there’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting with...

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