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555 Industrial Drive in Milton has an impressive lineage. Built by a local hi-tech company, it became the HO of Systems Xcellence (later known as SXC Health Solutions), growing to 150+ hi-tech jobs in Milton. With $5B revenue in 2011, Fortune Magazine listed SXC #1 in their 100 Fastest Growing companies. To put that revenue in perspective, RIM’s 2008 revenue was $5B (approx). While most of SXC is now in the US, it's important to recognize that its genesis was here.

We have an opportunity to create more $5B companies. Silicon Halton is assisting the Milton Economic Development department explore an opportunity to create a Technology Shared Office Space (TSOS) at 555 Industrial Drive.

TSOS will include

  • Up to 14,000sqft of office space. More when the concept proves successful
  • Spaces range from 100sqft to 4,000sqft
  • Shared facilities include: Reception, boardrooms, meeting rooms, Kitchen & Cafeteria, plenty of free parking.
  • Furnished
  • Space to potentially incubate companies
  • Room to house supporting Government services
  • Host hi-tech events & activities including Silicon Halton Peer-to-Peer groups and events


The culture at hi-tech companies is unique. Housing different hi-tech companies, even companies in different “hi-tech” verticals, in the same physical location will result in the collision effect. Knowledge workers in hi-tech companies don’t hoard knowledge; they’ll openly share it by the water cooler and lunch room. Each will take this knowledge and accelerate their company. These collisions are an everyday occurrence at Silicon Halton - we’ve watched a tech company launch from the Silicon Halton membership and subsequently win the “People’s Choice” award at the 2012 SXSW conference.

TSOS will attract hi-tech entrepreneurs and companies who welcome the collision factor. It will drive the creation of new companies and jobs locally. TSOS will create lasting solutions for knowledge worker employment in Milton and the Milton area.

Milton and Halton deserve the opportunity to create the hi-tech companies and the hi-tech careers that accompany them. We could create the next RIM. Imagine! This could provide a community-changing impact.

Call to Action

What do you want to see happen here? Do you need new or larger facilities in 2013? TSOS is “move in ready”. Contact me to start the discussion.

An amazing company started in Milton at 555 Industrial Drive and we have the opportunity to accelerate and launch more. There is also a long-term vision for TSOS aligned with the proposed Milton Education Village.

Let’s get to work!

RickStomphorstLIRick is the Co-founder of Silicon Halton and Principal at SearchVelocity.  Rick is a technology and community leader connecting talent to employers, people to people, and business to business.  

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