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Tuesday, January 16, 2018 | 8:00 am - 12 noon | Quality Suites Hotel, Oakville | Breakfast sponsored by Visier

A live workshop in Oakville to help you understand how Fractional and Freelance work will be one of the biggest work transformations in the 21st century, a transformation already underway. 

Who should attend? Human Resource Leaders and Business Leaders in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Halton, Mississauga (Peel), or Hamilton areas who want to learn about the impact to them and their businesses but don't have the time to travel to/from the downtown core.

WHAT IS FRACTIONAL WORK You have heard of "Fractional" work in other forms:.

DISCOVER why Fractional workers are replacing employees at an astounding rate and the implications to leaders, human resources, rewards, and employees

HEAR about the ramifications of corporate knowledge hiding in the workplace, why it’s happening, and steps you can take to mitigate

LEARN why you’ll need to think outside of the box to leverage partners on projects, crowdsource complex problems, or run a business primarily on a contract workforce - and how this will challenge traditional thinking on pay, benefits and rules of engagement in the workplace.

UNDERSTAND how HR Leaders, CEO’s and Organizations assemble teams today is rapidly evolving to utilize teams of more than just permanent employees, temps, and contractors

PLAN for the consequences that Fractional workers will have on your company’s collective knowledge, intellectual property, and competitive advantage

View Presentation Deck Here 

"How leaders and organizations assemble the right teams of talent today is rapidly evolving to utilize teams of much more than just permanent employees"

Jim Smart, CHRO, Accenture (retired)

"The traditional employment relationship has evolved... (this is) the new normal."

Scott Sherment - EVP HR, Ingram Micro

"40% of field service work will be done by contractors in 2020"

James R. Robinson, Gartner



David Creelman | CEO, Creelman Research

Join us to hear David Creelman, co-author of Lead the work: Navigating A World Beyond Employment, share his insights on the future of work.

Lead the work Navigating A World Beyond Employment smDavid has spoken at the World Bank in Paris about reporting on human capital, helped leaders from Japan's Recruit Co. tour US HR technology firms, and collaborated with Henry Mintzberg on leadership development. David's two main initiatives are:

  1. HR Analytics & Evidence-based talent management: helping HR leaders get some visible quick wins in analytics without making big and risky investments.
  2. The future of work: helping managers ease into the new world of work deconstruction and talent platforms.

All attendees will receive a copy of David’s book Lead the work: Navigating a world beyond employment. [Creelman Research] [LinkedIn] @dcreelman

View Presentation Deck here 

catherine connelly

Dr. Catherine Connelly | Professor, Human Resource and Management, McMaster University

Professor Catherine Connelly will present on the unfortunate phenomenon of knowledge hiding in the workplace. In her interactive session we will talk about three types of knowledge hiding:

  1. Why knowledge hiding is a real problem
  2. Why people hide knowledge (and why some people don't)
  3. What can organizations and managers do differently, and what to do if you notice that people are hiding knowledge from you

Dr. Connelly holds a Canada Research Chair in Organizational Behaviour. She is an associate editor of Human Relations journal. Her research focuses on the attitudes, behaviours, and experiences of non-standard workers, the effects of leadership styles on leader well-being, and knowledge hiding in organizations. Catherine also conducts applied research with several Canadian organizations in both the private and non-profit sector.

She has made presentations about her research to industry and academic groups across Canada and internationlly. Her research has been featured in the New York Times, the Globe and Mail, the National Post, and on CTV and CBC radio and TV. [Connelly Research] [McMaster] [LinkedIn] [Human Relations]

View Presentation Deck here


VisierLogoWe're excited to have Visier Solutions sponsor Breakfast. Visier Workforce Intelligence is a cloud-based people strategy platform that provides answers to hundreds of pre-built, best practice questions, across a range of HR and business topics. Unlike the reports offered by your HR management systems, Visier delivers insights. Insights that reduce resignations. Sharpen recruiting effectiveness. Optimize learning. And drive business outcomes.

Website |  LinkedIn  |  YouTube  |  @Visier



Bob Nagar 2017 175x175

Bob Nagar | Ventures: Co-founder of Silicon Halton Sr. HR Community of Practice

Bob built his career and facilitative leadership skills over nearly 25 years as an executive with information technology companies in North America. He is practiced in using action learning to achieve organizational behaviour change with lasting results. He works with individuals and teams to support them in achieving their best life, doing their most fulfilling work and making their most satisfying contribution.

Together with Dr. Denise Rousseau (Carnegie Mellon) and David Creelman, Bob established and facilitates a community of practice in HR Analytics and Evidence-based HR Management. The community includes Senior HR professionals from Chevron, CIBC, Ford, The Gap, Kronos, Marriott, NASDAQ, P&G, Royal Bank of Canada, Shell, a major defense conglomerate, and several other leading firms.

Bob completed his M.Ed in Adult Education and Counseling Psychology at the University of Toronto in a program focused on workplace, learning and change.Bob is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC). [LinkedIn]

Stomphorst Avatar 2014

Rick Stomphorst | Ventures: Co-founder of Silicon Halton, Co-founder of Silicon Halton's Sr. HR Community of Practice, Founder of SearchVelocity

Rick is a Co-Founder of Silicon Halton and co-leads the Sr. HR Community of Practice and CEO Peer2Peer groups.

Rick also specializes in recruitment services to technology companies and start-ups to identify and acquire high-value technolgy staff, specifically for complex assignments - roles requiring multiple technologies and business experience. [LinkedIn] @stompr

Quality Suites Hotel


Quality Suites Hotel - Northampton Room
754 Bronte Rd, Oakville, ON
L6L 6R8. [map]

Breakfast is included.

About Silicon Halton

A Grassroots Technology Community. We make a living, make meaning, and make things happen in technology in Halton Region. We've created a platform, on-line and in-person, to help our members connect with the hi-tech community in Halton and create opportunities for professional growth, business growth, and partnerships. We are the platform for Halton tech companies to dream, discuss, develop, test, and launch their business ideas. Join the Silicon Halton experience!

December2017 HolidaySocial

Celebrate The 2017 Holiday Season

Join us on December 12 at O'Finns Irish Temper in downtown Oakville as we celebrate the end of another great Silicon Halton year.  We hope you’ve found value and learned new ideas from all the meetups, peer2peer groups, special events, and linkedin discussions. It’s time to come out and have some fun and meet a whole bunch of people.  We're going to start this meetup a little earlier at 6:30 pm - as we'd like to encourage you to come try the great dinner menu at O'Finn's.

While we've run many of our famous Speed Networking nights over the years (where everyone has a few minutes to exchange short introductions and make new connections, then rotate to the next introduction) - we are going to try something new.

In the Spirit of the Season - Find Some Things In Common!

Because we all build business relationships with people when we find things in common and this builds trust, our networking session will be focused on finding 5 things people have in common.  During three minutes of conversation with each person, you'll be asking each other questions to find out what you have in common.  For example: 

  • One thing in common related to business - examples - a client, a business model, software you use
  • One thing in common that makes you highly productive - examples - a process, a habit, an app
  • One thing in common related to what you'd like to learn in 2018 - examples - new technology, new skill, new craft 
  • One thing in common related to family - examples - sports you play, where your kids go to school, favourite restaurants
  • One thing in common related to whatever else you want to discuss

Look forward to getting to know everyone better!

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See and feel how Augmented Reality brings Oakville to life in a new way!  

 Eventbrite - Oakville Immersed!

If you have kids, or are a kid at heart, you've probably heard of Pokémon Go and even played it! As of April 2017, over 65 million people were playing this augmented reality (AR) game monthly and the app had been downloaded over 750 million times*.As millions have hunted for Pokémon with their smartphones they've also been introduced to Augmented Reality (AR).

AR blurs the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.

But, how else can AR be used to provide new, fun and interesting experiences? That's what OAKVILLE IMMERSED is all about. It's an Immersive Exhibition that brings photography, video and augmented reality together to showcase Oakville in a new way.

Join us Jan 25 and 26, 7 to 10 pm at Apple Suites, in Oakville. You will see local photos and products come to life! Just bring your smartphone. Network, enjoy some fine wine and experience how technology can bring new experiences to tourism, culture and product promotion.


Eventbrite - Oakville Immersed!

Special: Bring your AR experience home! Purchase an AR calendar while quantities last! 



This event is being produced by Mi6 Agency in collaboration with m2f Inc., Soaq and Apple Suites.


WomenInTechPeer2Peer2017 2

January 23, 2018  |  7 pm  | The Ivy, 3330 South Service Road, Burlington

Topic: Breaking Bad Habits and Building Confidence

A few of our members have already taken Mel Robbin's CreativeLive course "How to Break the Habit of Self-Doubt and Build Real Confidence", so we are going to share some of her teachings with the group and coach each other to better outcomes in 2018.

The Women in Tech Peer 2 Peer group’s goal is to empower women in business by examining the unique gender based challenges of working in and with technology to effect progressive change within our working and community environments. 

Meet ups are generally for women only who work or live in Halton.  Non-Silicon Halton members are welcome.

Each month we'll have a topic for debate, and an opportunity for individuals to share challenges and successes with the group in a safe, supportive setting. 

Meetup formats may include dinner discussion meetings, guest speaker presentations, or workshops - depending on the topic.

For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



See All Women In Tech Peer2Peer Dates

January2018 Teamwork

January 9, 2018 | B&B Taps and Grill, Burlington, ON

Building & Scaling Teams Can Be Challenging

Do you ever wonder.....

  • Everyone's got great people, how do we get 10X out of our people?
  • How do we manage metrics without micro-managing?
  • Why are team meetings so tough to get right?
  • Why do some companies scale like crazy and others don't?

5 Key Team Building Lessons

  • Kick off the New Year with 5 key team building lessons for building speed and momentum in a business, including:
  • Effectiveness trumps efficiency hands down
  • The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing If you can't measure it you can't improve it
  • 5 minutes a day keeps the train wrecks away
  • Useful Meetings: it's not all about you


AndrewBarkerAndrew Barker - Director of Customer Success at Applied Recognition
Andrew has grown teams from 5 to 55, is currently the principal of AT Barker Consulting Inc. and the Director of Customer Success at Applied Recognition. He has a passion for great teamwork and outstanding results and is keen to hear what you have to say about your corporate momentum and how you plan to grow 10X.

Check out his profile on LinkedIn



B&B Taps & Grill
2020 Lakeshore Road | Burlington, Ontario - GOOGLE Map
(in the Waterfront Hotel - entrance & windows facing the lake) 


November2017 Blockchain

November 14, 2017 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm | Milton Educational Village Innovation Center

"The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value." - Don Tapscott.

Blockchain technology has been hailed as everything from the renaissance of money to the new internet. Early adopters are looking for ways to apply the technology, with use cases currently focused on financial services at the industry level, and even in terms of new forms of governance at the discipline level. This meetup aims to present an overview of this fascinating technology.

Blockchain - Changing The World Around Us

 Join us on November 14, 2017 at the Milton Education Village Innovation Center to learn more about Blockchain technology, including:

  • What is Blockchain technology and why does it matter to the world? Is it really the new Internet?
  • Key aspects of Blockchain technology you need to know - trust, peer to peer systems, cryptography, cryptocurrency, immutability, and consensus.
  • The threat of disruption - and why banks really got involved.
  • Understanding the challenges and constraints of Blockchain technology. What makes a good blockchain use case?
  • Introducing Blockchain for developers - how to get started.
  • Finally - insights from ETHWaterloo: the world's largest Ethereum hackathon.



Guy Pearce
Managing Partner: REData Performance Consulting and Board Director: IIBA

Guy Pearce (BSc, BCom, MBA) has served on various Boards in Banking, Financial Services and Retail over the last decade, as well as on their Risk, Audit, Governance and Credit Committees. He has also served as CEO of a multinational operation serving 100,000 customers in three countries with a staff complement of 700. He has published numerous articles and presented numerous keynotes on various aspects of governance, risk, IT and data around the world, and is interested in the competitive transformation potential and governance implications of Big Data, IoT, and Blockchain. His $94.95 million big data case study is an example of a practical outcome of this interest.  


Denys Linkov
University of Toronto Computer Science Student / Tech Under Twenty Lead

Denys is a third year student at the University of Toronto studying Computer Science. He enjoys reading, discussing and exploring everything related to tech, including Blockchain and Bitcoin. Denys leads the Silicon Halton Tech Under Twenty initiative and has interned at two Halton companies - Geotab and VL Omni over the last few summers. Denys has been selected as a participant in EthWaterloo - the world's largest Ethereum hackathon.  He will be joining 300 other ambitious developers for the opportunity to build the decentralized future and work alongside the inventors of Ethereum.  He will be sharing his insights and experiences about the hackathon.

The Venue

Milton Education Village Innovation Centre | 555 Industrial Drive, Milton (Highway 401 / Regional Road 25)

MEV Collage



Canada4 0

December 13 & December 14 | 2017

Canada’s most anticipated conference of digital infrastructure transformation. Digital transformation is accelerating into the zettabyte era of the Internet-of-Everything, the connected Canada 4.0 economy. The mission-critical data center, telecom, and cloud infrastructure underpinning this rapid change is explored in depth here.

This event brings together senior-level business executives and technology and engineering professionals who are the decision-makers accountable for designing, building, managing and operating the full infrastructure ecosystem that makes business transformation possible.

From smart energy "in", to the software-defined network edge "out", the purpose-built, smart, efficient, connected, resilient and secure data center is ground-zero for digital transformation. This conference is designed to help those designing the digital future of their enterprises to tackle both the strategic and operational challenges posed by the relentless barrage of new, disruptive business drivers impacting the smart, digital factory of the future.

Learn more about the:

Silicon Halton Members get in free.  Watch for your invite in the mid November newsletter.

Silicon Halton is a grassroots high tech community focused on Technology, Community, and Growth