Meetup #61: Structured Ideation Toolbox


Tuesday - November  11, 2014, Halton Hills Public Library, Georgetown - 7:00 pm

Eventbrite - Silicon Halton Meetup #61: Structured Idation Toolbox

In an increasingly competitive market, innovation is becoming a key differentiator. The exponential advances and shifts in technology offer more and more opportunities. However, organizations are struggling with new ideas and innovation.

New ideas are sometimes risky. There is a perception it is based on luck and cannot be planned. It is hard to predict the market or users' reactions to innovative ideas.

Is there a way to come up with new ideas, design them and assess their usefulness and viability? Is there a way to create a line of ideas, a funnel to select the best ones?

What you will learn

  • Why we need to innovate
  • How ideation happens
  • How we create new ideas using fun games
  • How research, design, user experience, gamification and product management techniques provide a toolbox to create new ideas
  • How to transform ideas to products
  • How ideation can become a structured managed process

Lets all dive into the world of ideation!




RamiTabbah thumbRami Tabbah | Managing Director, Ergonaute Consulting

Rami is a user experience strategist and with a focus on efficiency. He uses quantitative and qualitative research techniques and conceptual design to help companies better understand their users and how to shape their websites, applications, products and services to better match users' expectations. He also focuses on innovation and inclusive design.



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Halton Hills Public Library, Georgetown Branch - The Studio

9 Church Street, Georgetown, Ont (Google map)

Nestled in historic downtown Georgetown, the Georgetown Branch of the Halton Hills Public Library was redesigned in 2012 with the needs of small business in mind. Thet offer free Wi-Fi throughout the building, private offices for meeting with clients, larger meeting rooms for presentations and a coffee and beverage centre. All of this plus beautifully designed surroundings in a fully accessible, Silver LEED® certified building. [Web] [Facebook] [Google+] [Pinterest] @HaltnoHillsPL

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Eventbrite - Silicon Halton Meetup #61: Structured Idation Toolbox



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