Solopreneur Peer-2-Peer #67: Traction Marketing Project, Part 2

FRIDAY March 24, 2017 | 9am - 10:30am (Date moved due to March Break)

Last Month Chris Herbert of MI6 Agency led us through Traction Marketing goal setting, and as a group we developed 2 goals to focus on:

For the Solopreneur P2P: Consistenly have 10 people at each Solopreneur Meetup over the next 12 months

For each person in attendance: Achieve 1 expression of interest over the next 30 days by promoting both SoloP2P and our companies

We then ran through the 19 Traction Channels, and in the next couple days will focus on 1 or 2 to trial over the next month.  On March 24, we're going to evalutate the results and choose another 1 or 2 channels to trial.

At our April Meetup, we'll evaluate again, and run through the process for one Solopreneur in attendance.

This is an open group targeting the Solopreneurs in Halton. A valuable forum where hi-tech Solopreneurs in our community can learn, grow, and seek peer advice.

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