Interviewing for Software Development Positions - Software Peer 2 Peer #12

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Monday, August 21st at 7pm | Halton Hive - 901 Guelph Line, Burlington

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POST MEETUP UPDATE: Great discussion from the group!  Here are the slides for the presentation.

Interviewing new candidates can be challenging, but especially so when it comes to a software development position.  Software development as a profession requires a broad range of technical skills, and each company hiring will have different needs based on their technology stack, business domain, methodologies, and processes.  With a wide range of skill sets and experiences, finding the right candidate can be challenging. 

In addition, interviewing for a Software Development job can be very stressful for candidates these days.  Companies are increasingly using more involved techniques in their interviews, including white board problems, coding tests, trivia-style quizzes, and more.  This can take a lot more time for a candidate than a standard job interview with no guarantee of success, and the increased scrutiny can be overwhelming for more introverted candidates.  We'll spend some time discussing the perspective of the interviewee, and tips to succeed at the interview stage.

The format for the meetup will be a brainstorming and information gathering workshop.  The goal will be to explore the experiences of our members in attendance, collect interesting points, and organize the highlights that emerge from the discussion as a set of recommendations for interviewers and interviewees to use in future interviews. 

This meetup should be a nice complement to the upcoming Silicon Halton meetup "Writing Job Descriptions That Attract The People You Want" also happening in August.

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